The Extra Gear

We provide mental toughness training to athletes of all ages and abilities to help them compete at their peak in their sport. We use practical, research-based mental training techniques that athletes can use right away to enhance their sport performance.

What should people know about The Extra Gear

To compete at their peak, athletes need to be both physically and mentally tough. We use scientifically-tested training procedures such as imagery, intensity regulation, goal-setting, and thought-control strategies to help athletes build their confidence, sharpen their focus, strengthen their motivation, excel under pressure, overcome setbacks, recover from injuries, and achieve their goals.

What makes our service different?

Dr. Blackmer is the only certified sport psychologist in the area who provides mental skills training to individual athletes and teams. We build individually-designed mental skills training plans to meet the specific needs of each athlete. In addition to one-on-one consulting, we also provide on-site services at practices and competitions.

Special equipment. I.E. specific exercise and/or strengthening machines

Mental skills training should be a lot like working with a good coach who understands you, responds to your needs, and provides you with support, encouragement, and an occasional push when you need it. But in addition to creating a friendly and supportive working relationship, Dr. Blackmer also uses the latest technological advances to help athletes get mentally tough. We use sophisticated video analysis software, audio recording devices, psychological assessment inventories, and biofeedback techniques to analyze and enhance the mental game of each athlete we work with.

What we offer

The Extra Gear offers consultation to individual athletes, parents, teams, and coaches. We work with athletes in the office, in the gym, as well as at practices and competitions. We also consult with athletes by phone, e-mail, and by videoconference so that we can continue our work together when an athlete is too busy to come to the office or is competing out of town.

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