Total Training Inc.

Sport Performance Training for athletes and Fitness Training for the general public

What should people know about Total Training Inc.

As the pioneers of Sports Performance Training in the private sector, Total Training and Bob Blanton offer an innovative approach to training – working on a solid athletic foundation through scientific methods while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals. Our unique program includes instruction for injury reduction, and performance enhancement through explosive power development, proper weight training techniques, strength training, linear and lateral speed development, foot speed and agility, and identifies and corrects muscular imbalances.

What makes our service different?

Our workouts are:
– Individualized based on a needs analysis and body assessment( static and dynamic)
– Periodized and cycled to peak the athlete at the desired time(enhanced sports performance)
– Monitored to change on a needs basis

Special equipment. I.E. specific exercise and/or strengthening machines

Our state-of-the-art facility is outfitted with the most modern equipment and up to date with the latest research and technology in sports performance training. Our 10,000 sq. foot facility is complete with a 3 lane 45 yard Mondo track, , a 1400 square foot movement area, a dedicated dumbbell area, sled work area, a dedicated jump training area, a medicine ball throw wall, cardio area, and state of the art equipment including 7 Olympic platforms, 8 squat racks, 8 multi- racks, slide boards, and much more.

What we offer

An individualized balanced workout program based on the needs of the individual with constant monitoring for necessary changes.

For more information visit or contact Bob Blanton.

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Total Training Inc.
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